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The NOsiriX project has been discontinued, but the previous versions are still available for download at the links below. For a truly open-source 64-bit OsiriX alternative, please check out Horos:




For veterinarians using OsiriX, the 'Important Notices' regarding FDA compliance are annoying and unnecessary. As a service to the veterinary imaging community, PetRad is providing "NOsiriX", free of charge. NOsiriX is a custom-compiled and slightly modified version of the open-source code from the OsiriX project. We hope you find the software useful, but please use it with the following understanding:

  • PetRad, LLC provides no support for users of this software.
  • Pixmeo and the developers of OsiriX provide no support for users of this software.
  • The current version may lag behind the current release version of the OsiriX project.
  • There are no known alterations in the code other than removal of notifications, but there are no guarantees that the software will exactly duplicate the functionality of OsiriX.
  • NOsiriX is only tested to work in 32-bit mode on the current version of MacOS.